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Our Story

With roots in farming, Earl Stillwell set out to start his own farm in 1973. After purchasing a farm in Monroe Township, he started as a vegetable farmer and then expanded to grain farming. Noticing the popularity of ornamental plants and flowers, he built several greenhouses and began raising his own.  

The farm operated out of Monroe Township for 30 years until moving to its current location in Columbus in 2003. After the move, less of a focus was spent of grain farming, and more on flowers and vegetables. 

Today, the farm sells directly to customers at farmers markets across New Jersey. During the Spring we provide vegetable, herb, and ornamental plants. In the Summer and into the Fall we raise Jersey's favorite vegetables as well as cut flowers and bouquets. As we transition into the Winter, we grow, cut, and arrange mixed greens into wreaths, swags, blankets, and many decorative arrangements. 

We look forward to sharing our passion with you!

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